Sunday, August 21, 2011

Juice Fast Update #1

Juice fast is not fun. It's hard. Really hard. I'm not actually hungry, that's not the hard part. I feel full, I even have energy and far more energy than I expected to have the first few days. I'm just already really sick of juice. All I can think about is bread. I'm learning that I crave bread way more than I crave cheese.  Last night I dreamt that I ate pizza and threw the whole thing off.

Work Friday wasn't too bad. I did think about eating delicious buttery toast all day. Not going out to lunch was kind of a draw back, but walking to get a few juices were nice breaks in the day. At night I stayed in. Which, if you know me, I really like to do on a Friday night. I'm much more of a Saturday night person. Anyway, I felt pretty normal the whole day, but in the evening I was a little grumpy and tired.


Saturday I took it easy in the morning. Normally on Saturdays I take a pilates mat class. Not sure how I'd be feeling, I stayed home. The morning and afternoon really weren't so bad. But, it probably would have been a lot easier if Josh didn't feel the need to grill up bacon-- I understand though, he was hung over :)

Saturday was my dedicated market day. The guy we bought our fruits and vegetables from was so happy with our purchase that he walked around his table to hand us our groceries and even threw in a few mandarins on the house. If you're from Amsterdam and you're familiar with Ten Katetraat, then you know how unusual that is. He'll be really sad after he realizes that's not our usual haul.

After the bountiful trip to the market, I was actually feeling really good. We went for a bike ride to the Amsterdam Bos, which is one of my favorite places in Amsterdam. We met up with some friends and spent the afternoon there. I brought some juice in a jar for the afternoon.

Now that it's Sunday, I'm on my third day of juice. Which brings me to my next point. Ten days is entirely too long. I'm thinking of cutting it back to seven days and ending it on Thursday. And I'm not just saying that because today was really hard (well, maybe that's exactly why I'm saying it). I'm saying it because I don't think I can do another weekend without eating a meal. I know I'm getting "food" but I really resent not chewing. And I really love cooking. I enjoy spending time on the weekend cooking for others. Preparing veggies to be juiced isn't quite as therapeutic as I'd hoped. Also, being social is hard. After the Bos yesterday we stopped by to say hi to friends having a picnic in Vondelpark. It's hard to be around people and say no to food. 1. It makes me feel rude. 2. I have to explain why I'm doing a juice fast.

When I say I'm doing a juice fast, people instantly think I'm doing the insane cayenne pepper maple syrup diet. So then there is some education about what I am actually doing. It's not bad to talk about, but by next weekend I can already imagine that I'd like to talk about anything else. I'd also like to eat a delicious meal.

So today I just stayed home. It was nice and slow, and that's good too. I'm looking forward to being busy at work for the next 4 days of the fast.

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