Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Challenge for Lent

Today I took a walk to the American Book Center and I came across this book:

It reminded me of my good friend Brandon Doman. Brandon is always thinking up new things to try and ideas that will delight and inspire others. This book is filled with idea starters for creative little adventures to do each day. Thoughts like:

 "Spend the day following a postal worker on their route" or "Take a self portrait with your head in a tree"

...and the famous:

It reminded Keri Smith books, Wreck this Journal and How to Be an Explorer of the World. I also saw that Keri has a new book:

I have a lot of these books at home (far away home, sitting on a shelf in Oregon) and I miss them. I think books like this are great ways to get you out of your routine. I like to flip through them when I'm in a creative rut and challenge myself to do something new.

I've been trying to think of something to give up for Lent. I'm not particularly religious, but I like participating in Lent as a thoughtful personal challenge. These books inspired me today. Instead of giving up something for Lent this year, I'm going to try to do something (even a very small thing) new each day and then post to my blog.  If you can't think of Lent as anything other than sacrifice, well them I'm sacrificing my daily routine and trading it in for something more fun.

Here is to creativity.

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Tiffany Anne said...

I searched - I can't wait to see your head in a freezer. That came out wrong, but you know what I mean. I'm excited to see your posts in the next 40-some days!