Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Confessional Culture

The way Allison Silverman concludes her piece on confessional culture at the end of act 1 was strikingly interesting to me.  

"...But it's not really just about the person confessing, it's about why we're paying attention to their story. When we hear someone lay it all out there, there is a reason, beyond voyeurism that we like to listen. In 1958 Lillian Roth was interviewed by Mike Wallace, she said it best. 

"Have you ever wondered though, why the American public seems to be so fascinated with this kind of story? Is it possibly just the desire to look across the courtyard into somebody else's open window?" 

"Well I think where my story is concerned, it goes back to an old philosophy I read. It said, in each man's heart there is a secret sorrow that the world knows nothing about and I think that humanity feels that their sorrow is for you and their compassion is for you, but it has touched a part of their heart that they will not open the door themselves, they won't even begin. And in the subconscious, the tie is there." 

What she's saying is… When you watch me discuss my sad life on This is Your Life, it's not me that's revealed, it's you."