Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh, hello blog.

Wow. I haven't written a post in a long, long time. I don't know if I have ever had this long of a break since I began writing this blog. Since I returned from my jaunt around the country, I've had a lot on my plate, not to mention living the summer to the fullest. I've had the opportunity to work with the Northwest Institute for Social Change as the program assistant and mentor to nine amazingly talented, optimistic and smart college students from around the country. We've been working hard and they are well on their way to wrapping up this summer's program. I'll be really excited to share their projects with you very soon! Also, while working with them I had the opportunity to be certified at Portland Community Media, which means that I can now use professional quality video production equipment whenever I like. By mentioning this, I plan on taking that as a challenge to myself to produce something interesting very soon.

I've also had the opportunity to freelance a lot more. Since May I have been honored to work with a variety of new clients including Razorfish and Nike's Idea Lab. I'd give you the details, but then they probably wouldn't have me back :) Freelancing has been a huge growth experience for me because there isn't anyone showing me how to do the work; instead I have to take a risk and experiment with my own style and direction. It feels good to be trusted like that and so far all of the work I've had the opportunity to do has been fun. Really fun. One of my favorite parts of the work I am doing is presentation. Back when I was working at ID Branding, as a junior I would work on the work, and then it was often presented by someone else. Presentation is a thrill. I like it and I look forward to it, and I'm happy to have the practice. Working as a freelancer has a lot of up sides. One being that I work on my own schedule. As much as I have enjoyed this life, I think that soon I'll be ready to start looking for something more structured. I miss working with a team and having the ability to collaborate quickly.

I've also been busy just simply enjoying summer. Back in June, Josh and I took a trip to northeastern Oregon and rafted the Grand Ronde river through the Wallowas with his brother and sister-in-law.

It was gorgeous and relaxing. Well, we relaxed as soon as we got this rattle snake out of our camp.

Recently I've bought a new-to-me road bike which has made my life so much more enjoyable. There has been plenty of summer grilling with friends and family, nights out filled with music and bonfires, time spent at Mt. Hood, weddings and even an art auction.

Our kickball was as awesome as ever, even if we weren't always winning (we dominated spring league and took the soft-core championship), I'm pretty sure we had too much fun for our own good. Our team was called the Never Nudes, we wore a uniform of jorts and if you're an Arrested Development fan, then you'll probably enjoy this:

So far, so good. I've got some good things in the works and as soon as I can report on it, I will. I'm excited to get some more time to work on an older project I started way back before April. Overall, life is good. Sorry I've left you all out of it for so long. From now on I'll work on posting more regularly and spare you the catch up posts.

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