Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Maybe you're feeling too productive lately...

Here is some YouTube goodness I've been enjoying lately.

This is hip hop. This has occupied a lot of my time. "Start out just hittin' it, hittin' it, hittin' it! Ahhhh."

Maybe you're feeling the need for something adorable.

Jerkin' Jeneration. I am completely captivated with Jerkin'. That sounds uncomfortable to say, at first, but it's amazing to watch. For a better quality version, go here.

So badass.

I wish this was real. Oregon Trail, we'll always have my childhood.

And as my friend Geoff says, "If any of you are feeling too productive right now, give this a few minutes."

1 comment:

megan pants said...

Oh man the elephant and the dog. I love it.