Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Job! And I Need Your Help...

What do you do when you finish college during a recession?

Prepare yourself for the economic boom by taking on as many interesting jobs that you can find and learn everything that is available to you.

My last job with Active Minds has come to a close and I've just recently accepted my next adventure as the program assistant for the Northwest Institute for Social Change. Twelve students from all over the country come to Portland, Oregon for a 7-week documentary film camp to explore how media positively influences social change.

We need your help! To learn more I would like to introduce a letter to you from our executive director, Phil Busse. If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a student for 6 weeks of our program, please be in touch with myself or with Phil. Thank you in advance for your consideration and help spreading the word.

Phil's message:

I am hoping that you can help out a program that I run during the summer: The Media Institute for Social Change (nwisc.com). Each summer we host a dozen college students from across the country to teach and inspire them how the media can bring about positive social changes. Future documentary filmmakers, future radio hosts, future progressive journalists. It is a truly unique program. Students spend their summer in Portland producing documentaries about “local solutions to global issues,” and then share those documentaries with elected officials around the country with the hopes of inspiring forward-thinking programs elsewhere.

What I’m looking for are short-term homestays for some of our students. We have been fortunate in the past that local families have provided a room for students for the weeks that they are here. An important part of our program is introducing these students to Portland and its community (and perhaps recruiting this talent here to stay).

These are truly remarkable “kids.” Amy from Tufts University is a deejay at the college station and has produced short pieces about the cleanup in New Orleans. Benjamin from St. Olaf College has produced short videos to promote bikes as a more viable form of transportation.

We are looking for places for these students from Saturday, July 3 through Friday, August 13.

Homestay families in the past have found this to be a fun and rewarding experience. This year, we even have a student whose family hosted someone three years ago. She was so impressed and inspired by the program that she decided to attend herself!

If you are interested, or even if you can provide some help or suggestions about families who may be interested, I would be incredibly grateful.

Thank you.

Phil Busse






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