Sunday, April 4, 2010

Washington D.C.

First stop, Washington D.C.

Friday I spent the day getting to know the Active Minds office and helping prepare for our trip. Brandon arrives Monday afternoon, so I've had the whole weekend here to myself. The hotel I am staying at is just outside of D.C. in a little suburb called Bethesda. A wonderful coincidence, because fortunately the only person I really know here also happens to live right in Bethesda.

I met up with Haley for brunch with her roommate Abigail, who also happens to be the cousin of a friend of ours from college. Haley is amazing and gave me all the tips I would need for a successful weekend. Trying to take her up on a few suggestions, I made my way to into Washington. Instead of doing touristy things on my own, I found myself tagging along with strangers and for short periods of time, adopting them as my own family. Most of the day I spent walking closely behind my adopted families, eavesdropping on their conversations and then moving onto the next.

I didn't really do all of the things I was supposed to do. For me, there were just way too many people.

Hmm. No thanks.

I tried taking pictures of the things I was supposed to...

Apparently cherry blossoms are a pretty big deal around here.

But I got bored with that. I figure that if I Google search any one monument or cherry blossom for that matter, I can probably come up with hundreds of images from that exact same day.

In the end, I had more fun taking pictures of things like this:
Everyone loves our nation's capital. Even furries come to Washington D.C.

This little guy was just hanging out in the street.

Alright, nerds... welcome to Washington D.C., now where is Gob?

I thought this tree looked a bit like a dragon.

Last, but not least... Washington D.C. and most major cities could really take some notes from Portland on waste management.

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