Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Week of Intellect

Some weeks are more intellectual than others. Last week was one of them. Monday I was kindly invited to see my friend Nick Carter and three others read short stories at The Maiden. The stories were based off of a series of prompts and were read in four acts (you can read Nick's story here). I loved this. I love creative writing and what was more special, was seeing my friend present his personal work. I know Nick from the advertising world and having him share his personal work was really a gift. Nick is an amazing writer and if you're in need of an amazing writer, you should seek him out.

Later in the week I attended my first ever Ignite Portland and I absolutely loved it. The idea behind Ignite is that you get five minutes and 20 slides. I love how smart our collective community is and even more, I love when our community comes together to share their intellect. My friend Max Radi gave a great talk on How to Be Unemployed. It was both insightful and humorous. I am thankful that the talks were filmed, here are some of my favorites:

Hyperbolic Geometry- you have to watch this one, it's just wonderful.

How to Be Unemployed- Max Radi, HIRE HIM!

Love Wikipedia and the Wikipedians that keep it going- DONATE:

I was also gifted 2 tickets to Alfred Hitchcock's The 39 Steps at the Portland Center Stage. I went with my friend Mike Vitellaro; we were both drama kids in high school, so he was a great date. So why should you see it? Well, it's magic on stage. There are only four actors throughout the entire show and their use of props is absolutely amazing. The humor that ran through the entire show was like that of Monty Python, dry and obvious. The show is going on through March 21st, it's a treat, go see it. A big thank you to my friends Michael Schoenfelder and Lindsay Clark for the tickets.

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