Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Project: After the Beep

I'm working on a new project with a group of individuals across the United States and Canada, and even as far as London. We have formed a creative collective called Amazing Compass and we've launched our first project. Right now we are spreading the word and asking for participants. Simply put, we are gathering a collection of voices. It's completely anonymous, all you need to do is call the number provided and share your story. Share any story, happy, sad, humorous, sentimental, ridiculous, you name it. We just want to hear from you.

It's called After the Beep and this is how it works:

Check out the website to hear a few examples. I can't wait to share the final project, we'll need your help to get there.

1 comment:

Workin' I.T. said...

Brilliant Ashhhhhh- careful... once March rolls around, I'm just going to drunk dial it all the time. :)