Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Google Buzz

Just when I was getting bored with social media, Google saves the day with Buzz... or not, I'm still making up my mind, but I'm having fun watching its progression. Today Google launched Buzz, which looks like a much more successful approach to their failed attempt at Google Wave. Don't get me wrong, I was really excited about Wave, they just didn't seem to know how to make it work. I was really confused as to why they chose to launch Wave with the invite only method, the same way they did with Gmail? And, on a platform not regularly accessed? If Facebook has taught us anything, it's how to evolve. They introduce features slowly and eventually they feel seamless. Sure it pisses everyone off at first, but that's just because people are uncomfortable with change, even when it's good. Think about it this way, would you really enjoy Facebook to this day if you couldn't stalk pictures of your friends from second grade? I didn't think so. Facebook membership has grown so rapidly, it would be a safe bet to say that a lot of users probably don't remember the time when it was a one photo deal. Things have to change and evolve, or they become irrelevant. I'm happy to see Google evolving and reaching out to their already established network of Gmail users. If I could give Google Buzz two pieces of advice:

1. Don't email me Buzz! I already see when I have new Buzz postings, it's right below my inbox. I don't need it to duplicate into my inbox as well.

2. If someone is going to link blog posts into Buzz, the comment I make on Buzz, or on their blog post should cross-pollinate. Meaning, it should show up in both places no matter where I leave the comment. Especially if it is a Blogger format.

Also of interest, I came across this infographic about facebook from Mashable:

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