Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Being Human

Sometimes we get so carried away with the day to day that I think we actually forget what it means to be human- saying hello, smiling, genuinely listening, actively being together. I ride the bus a lot, it's one of my favorite places to people watch. Sometimes I get so caught up in observing my ride that I don't become an active participant in the experience. A lot of people do this, in their own ways. Some people check out of the bus ride by listening to their headphones or by getting nose deep into the paper or a book. Sometimes it is as if we're all sitting there, sharing the same experience, but hoping that no one will look directly at us, or heaven forbid talk to us.

One of my favorite things that occasionally happens on my ride is a shift change. The bus driver pulls over to a stop and a new driver gets on to take his place. I enjoy this interaction because it reminds me that the bus driver is human. It is as if I get a sneak into his life for a moment. We get on the bus, we get off the bus, some will talk to the driver, some never notice them... but chances are, they notice you. Today my driver was so kind, he acknowledged each rider individually as they got on and off, he was patient and compassionate with people. And when it was his time to get off, I noticed he took a lot of extra time to brief the new driver about the route, how the day has been so far, what traffic has been like and so on. He then took a moment to turn around and wish each passenger on the bus well. He was genuine and human. Moments like this wake everyone up, out of their trance, reminding us that we are human too.

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Workin' I.T. said...

1. I love Vimeo surfing.

2. You have been inspiring me like whoa lately, lady. Thanks for all you do :)