Thursday, January 28, 2010

Unemployed Day 5,6,7

Don't worry everyone, still unemployed, still working on staying busy during this "sabbatical." I don't think I've worked long enough to earn a sabbatical yet. I've been staying pretty busy looking for awesome jobs (if you're reading this and you're an awesome job, look no further... I'm ready for you).

Wednesday night I attended AMA's Professional Development panel with my friend Stacy. The panel included: the director of Filter Mark LeBlanc, the creative recruiter at Wieden+Kennedy Lauren Ranke, and the talent scout for Nike's global marketing Jen Jacobs. The evening was a great refresher for me and the speakers were all full of great things to say. Best advice I walked away with:

  • Find the people who make you jealous and surround yourself with them. Talent always pushes you to be better.
  • It's hard not to act desperate when you are desperate, but treat your job search like a relationship.
  • Learn how to edit yourself, be relevant and interesting.
  • Don't pretend that the social web doesn't exist, it does, learn how to use it. The best quote from this topic of discussion came from Lauren:
"Twitter is like this river of information and it just keeps flowing and flowing and you can dip your cup in and drink from it whenever you want, it's that simple."

The speakers did a great job of being relevant and interesting. It's a hard time and can be an even harder time if you're a junior, that's another thing they touched on. Everyone is looking for a high-level of experience and how do you get that?

Well friends, that brings me back to my sabbatical. Maybe I haven't worked long enough to earn it, but it's definitely a blessing. I have learned a lot of tools and now I have a lot of time to put them to use.

So, yesterday I had my good friend Max over for lunch. He's in a similar boat and so we're teaming up and I now have another new project started. It's one I've had going in my head for a while, but I'm really excited to have some partners on the project and to see how collaborating will grow the idea. I'll share more once it gets going.

Other things I've been doing to stay busy? Eating a lot of content. Tons of it.

I've really been enjoying this video from WKE.
I just wish they made it easier to share- why no embedding link? I think that's the best way to share content... they do have a download button, but it doesn't work. Anyway, check it out, I wish I would have thought of it. They did do one really great thing for sharing, they uploaded all of the images onto Flickr, so you can download them and reorder the content however you like. Love it. Okay, I would love it. But I just checked their Flickr link and nothing is uploaded yet. Hmmm... it would be awesome to see if people remediate it.

The video was uploaded to Youtube, enjoy:

Maybe I'm a little late on this, but Natalie shared this video today and it's great. The Internet works in mysterious ways:

Alright, ready for the weekend. Going exploring... where? I don't know yet, but let's hope the weather holds out.

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