Monday, January 25, 2010

Unemployed Day 3: A Collective of Sorts

Being unemployed has its perks. There is a lot more time for spontaneous collaboration. This morning I met up with a few friends and fellow freelancers (when I say fellow, I am implying that I am going to try my own hand at the life of a freelancer, for now).

We're getting together to start a collective of sorts. It's still in the works, so I can't spill the beans just yet.

I've also started working on a new project, which will be progressing over a few months. I've made it my goal to get to know this industry better, to understand where it's going and to learn about the people in it. I am going to be interviewing creative directors, planners of all sorts and strategists. I'm particularly interested in the planners and strategists because these roles are often somewhat elusive. I plan on filming my interviews and sharing what I learn. I think this will be a valuable tool to students and juniors. It will also be extremely valuable to me in my own process. So far I already have my first two interviewees lined up and I can't wait.

If you know someone I should talk to, or if you would like me to talk with you, feel free to contact me:

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