Thursday, September 3, 2009

Analog Blog Part II: What is OUR Brand Culture?

If you have checked out my blog recently, you might remember my Analog Blog experiment. I think it went over pretty well!

Here are some responses from the Analog Blog:

The response I thought was the most interesting:

So we brought it up in our last few Brown Bag meetings:
Redington happens to be one of our clients and we can thank them for the matching outfits.

We are pretty good at explaining brand culture to our clients, but we were having a hard time articulating what our own brand culture was, and so we spent some extra time talking about it. In fact, two of our Brown Bags and one Company Conversation was dedicated to it. Here are my notes after yesterday's Brown Bag, I think we are getting somewhere.

Our brand culture is about conversation, community and discourse. It's about partnerships and working together to bring forth internal and external congruency, for our clients and ourselves. It's about honoring trust, respect, process and thoughtfulness. It's pretty a pretty good culture if you ask me.

After all, this is what Full Sail had to say about it:


carrie said...

I think this should go on the ID blog! great stuff.. thanks for documenting, I think thats a big part of what is holding back our collective understanding.

Manoj Sharma said...
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