Friday, July 10, 2009

WK Platform Application Video

I have been working on the WK Platform brief, here is my entry:

You can find Project One: The DMV here

and here

I made the first cut for Platform and I am participating in the final interviews next week in NYC! I am so excited! I am also excited that my friends have started stealing and sending me airplane safety instructions! I got a set today!! THANKS KIM =)


kimkaralekas said...

1. love it
2. i am a huge creep too
3. i thought your biggest regret would be JNCOs
4. I have a Southwest air safety pamphlet sitting in an envelope from my fligh down here. you'll get it soon, i promise.


davidzavertnik said...

Good luck!

I'm glad I met your mom just then.

Jessica said...

So proud of you :)

Tiffany Schaffeld-Cruickshank said...

This is great! Love it!

kedar said...

neat entry video. and congrats!