Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Analog Blog

Today we had another Brown Bag Lunch at ID Branding. These company conversations are really interesting to me, especially as an intern. Today's topic was more focused around our own internal culture and was in response to the agency's blog, and a particular post specifically (that has since been removed). The post wasn't removed because it was wrong or inappropriate, but was maybe just poor timing and not necessarily reflecting what everyone felt. What sparked today was a conversation about understanding and living our brand culture. We talk about brand culture a lot, it's what our agency is all about, it's our philosophy and it's what we deeply believe. On the topic of blogging, not a lot of people are blogging on the ID Branding blog, even though there is a desire for the conversation to reach a wider audience within the agency. What we found out today was that not everyone likes to blog or cares to share their thoughts with an audience in a published manor.

So I came up with a solution that I hope will have everyone speaking openly, sharing creatively and spreading ideas! The solution? The Analog Blog. There is this awesome room in the back of our office that really doesn't get a lot of use... and I have no idea why?! It's a great room! I learned today that its name is Bon Vivant. Bon Vivant used to be the room near the kitchen, before that space was leased out, but the name stayed in the office. And so lives Bon Vivant!

Bon Vivant
has a chalk wall, a massage chair, a whiteboard, tons of books and these great yellow curtains in the doorway.

At first I thought I would adopt it as my own personal office, maybe hire another intern to do preform my responsibilities and then I would have time to conquer the world. Anyway, I let that day dream go and instead, I turned it into an open forum space for the agency. I hope it will become a place to share ideas, post thoughts and in return we can document our process and by doing so, create content for the blog that is truly owned by everyone.

Here's the start:

I'm excited about this. I sent out an email and left everyone an invitation to the Analog Blog on their desk this afternoon. It was around for an hour and is already getting some love.


ID Branding said...

Ashley, you are truly a monster intern and someday soon you will have the controls of a mighty branding agency of your own perched atop a 900 foot robot which walks across oceans and has no single home but operates everywhere and anywhere.

- Doug

Danimal said...

That is an amazing idea Ashly. You truly are passionate about what you do. But I think you should stick to your plan of hiring an intern to do your job and continue you conquest of the world.

Tiffany Schaffeld-Cruickshank said...

Love this idea, how is it working out?