Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Alternative Transportation

Every day I catch a ride to my internship with my parents and then have them pick me up at the end of the day on their way home. It starts feeling a bit like high school, especially when my mom packs my lunch and puts it in a brown bag. I am not complaining, all of this is great- carpooling is good for the environment and lunches from mom are just wonderful! But this last week, it's gotten even better- I am at an all time high as far as transportation methods go.

My internship granted me a bus pass, which is AWESOME. This way I don't always have to ride home with my parents and it gives me a lot more flexibility downtown, especially because I can take the MAX and streetcar. I feel as if I have regained some sense of independence.

Next, I convinced my parents to listen to the radio in the morning... and not just any radio, they even approved the 94.7 Eight at 8:00. We've also been listening to NPR a lot, so to say the least, the morning commute is going well.

Now the icing on the cake. Not just one, but two days in a row, my mom gave me $5!! I think I'll retire when they do, life is good.

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