Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Brown Baggin' It

Today was my 3rd day interning at ID Branding and I'm already learning and soaking up a lot. Day 1 I had the back and forth feeling of knowing what I am doing and feeling confident, to taking deep breaths and feeling like I know nothing at all. Day 2 things started to click a lot more and I definitely got to know more people. Everyone is really friendly and I feel really comfortable- I think that is extremely important. Also, everyone is really smart- the kind of smart that makes for great conversation and work.

Today was especially good because we had a Brown Bag Lunch. Basically, everyone gathers for an hour during lunch every other Wednesday to talk about brand culture in a constructive and educational manor. Conversation today was about the brand culture of Wal-Mart. We talked about would it mean to us as an agency, what it means to us as individuals and what it means to the Wal-Mart audience. We also talked about the original Wal-Mart vision and as we discussed we got off on some tangents, but I felt that was where it started to get really good. I loved that everyone came together to share their insights, ask questions and think as a community. How refreshing! I am so glad that this happens in the real world- Deb would love it.

At one point, we started talking about the quality of living and our cultural standards, which brings me to my next topic. On Monday I ate lunch at Pizza Schmizza, where I found this 1962 educational pull-down which visualizes economic standards of living... based on our choices.

Wow 1962, you're hilarious!

And just because I haven't been very good at keeping up with the blog lately:


Tiffany Schaffeld-Cruickshank said...

That sounds like it is right up your alley! I'm glad that things are going well with the internship... and I love the picture and the video.

kimkaralekas said...

That's great! ...but I'm curious...what were the thoughts regarding the Wal-Mart conversation?? I read a book about Wal-Mart and the making of the brand...what an interesting story and culture Wal-Mart has created.

Do you get to suggest topics?? I just read a magazine yesterday about the brand culture at Zappos - it sounds amazing - the brains behind the idea Tony Hsieh - genius. Small example - each year they publish a Zappos culture book - comprising a year's worth of mini Zappos employee manifestos for what they think of the Zappos culture (uhh amazing research tool as well!)

Anyway, we should chat about this - I've been super intrigued these past few days.

Glad to hear all is going well!

michael said...

dammmn, that video hit my mood perfect. And, on a more serious note, what's up with your vimeo? I wanted to watch process.