Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Idea Books

I keep a bunch of idea books. Over the years I have gotten better at actually filling them- I used to start several and just leave them vacant, unsettled on what should go where or if I liked what came before. I guess in some ways, idea books are art... but they are more like thoughts, they aren't perfect, or finished, or really anything. They are ideas and some might make sense to others, some might not- but they are a way for me to get thoughts out and so here are a few of my more visual pages because they are more fun to look at I suppose.


Ehdom said...

Amazing, Ashly.

I'm jealous too, I don't think I could make these.

This is why you're better at the notebook than I am!


Tiffany Cruickshank said...

These are amazing. You definitely put a ton of work and effort into your projects :)