Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 Eleven: A Brief

7 Eleven Inspiration Brief from Ashly Stewart on Vimeo.

It's janky, late-night, rough around the edges and always there for you. It's about munchies, boredom, hot dog selection and slurpies. It's big gulps, scratch-its, beer pong balls and drunk kids. It has bums, frat guys, hot chicks, tech nerds, light night studiers, gamers, and old creeps. It's kind of like an outhouse- no matter who you are, you can only avoid it for so long.

This is a brief. It's not on paper. We didn't write it down. We collaborated and made you a multimedia piece. Introducing.... 7 Eleven. Enjoy! (and get to work... you have until Sunday.) Let's go. "This is HUGE!"

Film by Kim Karalekas via Flip
Photos by Gabe Toth-Fejel
Production by Ashly Stewart

Inspiration for branding 7 Eleven. More to come.

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