Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Internet Trinity

Why can't I study like normal kids do?

I am taking Digital Freedom. It's my last breadth course for the SOJC and I have a midterm in about 8 hours. I am battling a terrible case of procrastination.

So what if I don't conquer the midterm? At least I am gaining valuable insights:

I am nearly 100% sure that this guy won't be on the test- maybe mentioned...

Regardless, I do know that he once wished to be known as the "Root Master" and he really did have 12 name servers (aka disciples!) around the world. Once Jon (What if God was one of us?!) was just a humble computer scientist who had agreed to the thankless task of numbering structure and handing out domain names. Before you knew it, he was being called the Internet God (OMG I think THAT MUST be why we have to capitalize Internet!!!?) He wrote the Internet Bible's New Testament and called it "Simple Mail Transfer Protocol." In other words, he taught us how to pray... or email each other. Either way, the Government (or Father) gets them all, because root authority matters.

Bahaha... Okay, maybe I am the only one amused. This class is turning me into the biggest computer nerd. If I end up at computer camp this summer... worry about me.

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Loganius said...

If 'attended computer camp'= yes
print "You are kick-ass"