Thursday, December 18, 2008


Last night my good friend generously gifted me and friends with tickets to Tiësto at the Crystal Ballroom. Tiësto is from Amsterdam, roams the continents and leads a pretty glorious life I imagine. I think DJ's are silly and wonderful. Everyone worships them as they mix on stage and at the wave of a hand or lift of the arm, the entire crowd responds by jumping and mimicking every move. It would be a really fun job.

The show was pretty raverriffic! Well, it wasn't at a warehouse or in a cornfield, so maybe it doesn't exactly count as rave, but it was amazing.

My aunt and uncle are staying at my house and they can't get over the idea that "kids would spend money to go watch someone stand on stage and DJ?!" I didn't really try to explain much more.

I consider myself pretty well-rounded when it comes to music- I am not overly into any one genre or scene, but if you are going to try out trance, Tiësto is the way to go. We were able to make it to the front row and towards the end of the show, he took his headphones off and signed them, preparing the crowd for a gift. In my head, I imagined how badass I would be if he just walked over and handed them to me. Didn't happen, but he did throw them to the crowd right up front.

The Crystal Ballroom is one of the best venues in Portland. I have seen all kinds of performances there, from Travis to Ghostland Observatory. The floor bounces, the chandelier is glorious and the bar staff are always really kind. I pretty much always have a good time there. Also, you have to give a huge shout out to Scooter's, the bar around the corner. LOVE SCOOTER'S! Jello shots make for a perfect concert treat.

Wednesday nights are so much better when they are spent with great friends, great music, and lots of dancing!

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