Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something I have been thinking about...

Reformation of the lateralization of brain function.
I know we can't really do this... but maybe we can trick ourselves into thinking this way.


Jessica said...

My robots!! That was the best in-class doodle I've ever done.

Give me an example of what you mean by this kind of thinking- I'm not sure I'm tracking.

Ashly Stewart said...

The left-brain is said to be analytical, verbal, and logical, while the right is said to be abstract, holistic, intuitive and prosodic. And so people are said to be predominately stronger in one side or the other- black and white, all numbers or all pictures. But really impressive people seem to have grasped a link between the two, a little rope swing, by thinking in ways that are strategically creative or creatively strategic.

Something else that occurs to me is contradiction. We always feel the need to pick things apart, to dissect everything into categories. Somehow, we think that if we do this, we will find contentment- answers; when really, all that happens is the need to become whole again and break away from the restraints we have given ourselves.

Maybe instead of just creating a bridge between the two, we could use them interchangeably, or even at the same time.

Perhaps this is just my existential crisis, or some way to express the need for balance. The idea is that there is this need to not only go from one area into the other and back again, but to have the ability to exist in both, fully, at the same time.

Meh. I don't know.