Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow + Home for the Holidays


I stuck around Eugene for a few extra days to watch these guys! I love having snow days with them! Noa kept trying to eat the snow, "But, I just really want to eat it" she said to herself. And Eli made up all kinds of rules for our snowball fight.

1. time in
2. time out
3. ONE snowball at a time
4. at least 5 feet away

I could hardly keep up ;)

I ventured onto the icy roads yesterday and arrived home. My old room is now the guest room, and to my surprise, is taken! My aunt and uncle are here, and so I am holding up in my 14-year old brother's room.

It's neon green:

and I am surrounded by weird things that are not mine:

But the snow is beautiful!!

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