Monday, November 17, 2008

Social Anthropology

Currently, I am taking an an anthropology class that is scientifically based around the evolution of monkeys and apes. I prefer social anthropology over scientific any day and to be honest- I learn more in the time before class begins than during the actual class. People are hilarious. I don't believe that I judge people harshly or spend time critiquing them as much as I just enjoy observing and pondering; I just really want to figure people out. Maybe this is only a narcissistic way to better understand myself, but people are wonderful and we should should agree to celebrate that.

Today I noticed a lot of things.

1. Girl with the crazy hair definitely wore short shorts and boots 'wit da fur' on this chilly November day. It's good the sun is out today, because I just don't see how the boots can keep her very warm.

2. Boy sitting 4 seats away quotes: "I don't want to deal with anymore apes or prosimians, or whatever the fuck they're called!" It's week 8, and that is all this class is about, please figure out what it is they are called. I think the stress of the global economic crisis is really starting to get to everyone. I am going to work on being extra nice to people, last thing I want is stressed out boy to really flip out about those damn lemurs and their feeding frenzy.

3. This one is my favorite. I picked up on the conversation half way through, but when I did I was really happy. Girl talking to boy, boy never talks, and if he does I can't hear him over the girl's thrilling stories (because she basically talks over him the majority of the time).

"Trader Joes is the best dumpster in town! You know, good food and stuff too! I dumpstered behind there all summer."

( I LOVE how she turns the noun 'dumpster' into a past participle here, genius!)

Boy mumbles something. Girl responds:

"You know, you should eat it! It's good and it's like $4 in the store and out back, it's free! I wanted to talk to the manager about it, to make a documentary and I wanted to see if he had anything to say about wasting all that food and stuff."

Later she goes on to tell the boy about all of her documentary work and music videos.

"I mean, it's my idea, because I am the director. We're watching my music video today. It's to a John Lennon song... which wasn't my first choice, but it's good."

Dumpster diving! Ahh, she is so right. That would be a great documentary and I think there should be an MTV True Life about it!

True Life: I Dumpster

UPDATE: This American Life already beat us to it!


Tiffany Cruickshank said...

Haha! Are you kidding me? I dumpster. I would so watch it.

Jessica said...

Dumpstering. NICE.