Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Ambiguous Creative

The Ambiguous Creative is a work in progress. Here is a little preview:

What Exactly is Creative Ambiguity?
The Ambiguous Creative is often found saying things like, “I don’t know” and “I just like to make things.” Here are 5 signs to help you identify creative ambiguity:

1. You feel the urge to make things, but you don’t know where to begin. Instead, you take out large sheets of paper and write a lot of words and draw some pictures with colorful pens.

2. You are indecisive. When you have an idea for something, you don’t know whether to write it down or create something visual. If you can get past this for even a moment you will try one or the other, but you immediately reverse your decision and are left with nothing but angst.

3. You become completely irrational. After hours, days, even months of frustration, your ideas finally get to you. Instead of carefully planning and exploring process, you work out of spite, and are left unhappy with unexecuted-execution.

4. Idea books cause you anxiety. They either sit vacant or unfinished. You have a hard time committing to ideas that conflict with ideas that have come before them. Pages are either disorganized or torn out completely. You could have as many as 10-12 of these books lying around, with only 5-10 attempted pages.

5. You are perfectly capable. In fact, you are good at writing and designing, you just can’t show anyone out of the fear that you will risk one for the other.