Monday, October 27, 2008

Manifesto: Part One

We had to write a brief manifesto, here is what I am working on:

I believe that humanity connects us through something that is greater than ourselves. I believe in people- that our one sole purpose is to simply take care of one another and believe in each other.

I believe that our work in life will take many paths, and that it should. Our work should never be a means to an end, but should be about process and the journey. I want my life and work to always have purpose and give meaning to others.

I believe it is our responsibility to leave the world a more beautiful place than they way we found it. I believe that if things are worth doing, they are worth doing well. I also believe in failure, because it allows us to understand the meaning of success.

I have decided not to take life so seriously, because when I have, I become a less happy person. I believe that laughter is a necessary part of each day. I don't think we should do things we don't want to, because all we really have is our time, and we should take value in that. I think that if we are creative enough, that becomes reality.

I think it is easier to be unhappy than it is to accept happiness, and I would love nothing more than to be ridiculously happy for the rest of my life.

I believe in family, even if they aren't the people we hoped for, and that we should take strong value in our relationships with others. I especially believe in listening to grandparents and children.

Above all else, I believe in hard work and standing up for the good in life.


David Z said...

and I believe in your manifesto

Jessica said...

really inspiring, love. i meant to tell you that a while ago. i want to write one!