Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Things We Own

In each issue of GOOD Magazine right around page 44, just after the introduction of cool new products and stuff you should know about, the magazine introduces an interesting person by featuring them with their things. “This is Scott, and those are his things.” Or, “This is Daphne, and those are her things.” The stunning arrangement of belongings is what initially caught my eye. I immediately asked myself what each of these things could possibly have in common with one another? I was completely taken when I saw that they all belonged to someone and what a great way to get to know a person. I mean, the second I walk into a person’s home, I am of course checking out their things, looking at their bookshelves, thumbing through photo albums on the coffee table, and if possible, I always try to catch a sneak peak into the fridge. I would even go so far as to label myself a severe bathroom snoop.

Call me creepy, but there is nothing like peering into a complete stranger’s medicine cabinet.

I think that in general, people own a lot of stuff. Over the past five years or so, I have moved about ten times. I guess that happens when you are in college, but it has made me very aware of the things I own, and how weird some of the things I own actually are. There are just some things you can’t let go of, like my elf bobble head, or the key I stole from the hostel I stayed at in NYC a few years back (it was a great key, on plastic key ring and everything- very old school and so worth the $5 deposit).

So here I am, in my 11th move and upon my return to Eugene, the inevitable finally happened. Some meth-head broke into my car and in minutes they were off with my personal things. So what could they really know about me right? Wrong. They know everything. They know what size shoe I wear, what my complexion is, they know what I did this summer and who I did it with, my pant size, my favorite scent, what all of my friends and family look like, how I think, and what all of my favorite websites are.

So with inspiration from GOOD to help me cope:

This is Ashly

NAME Ashly Stewart
AGE 22
LOCATION Eugene,Oregon

OCCUPATION Lifelong Learner

and those
were her things

(or as close as you could get
to her things from internet images)

Getting things like your computer, your camera, your backpack etc. stolen from you, really sucks. There are no two ways about it, but I am trying to be optimistic, because what else can I do? I realize that I can live with out some things, and I have had to take out a huge loan to replace the things I can't, like my computer, cameras, you know. Typically, I never leave anything in my car, and now for the rest of my life, I know that I never will again. Also, I am left to assume that it was a meth-head who stole my stuff. I mean, there is just a really, really high probability, but who knows, maybe my things will turn their life around? If not, I know they will get theirs, like when they lose their teeth.

Until then, I take a deep breath every day. I am lucky that they didn't get some of the other stuff in my car. Like my wallet, money, and camera cards filled with all the pictures from my trip to Europe. I now have a new computer, and we are getting along great. And a double bonus, with my new computer, Apple threw in a free iPod touch, which is way cool.


megan pants said...

Whoa, how'd you snag the free iPod touch? Also, have you seen this flickr group? You should start your own for stolen things.

Ashly said...

ahh, that flickr group is pretty cool! I would start one for stolen things, but it is hard to photograph. Ex: all the internet pictures I copied and pasted together. Free iPod was just with any new computer, you get a free iPod, it was the back to school promotion. It is really fun and I haven't even put music on it yet!

Chi è? said...

Ahh, I've been playing with Gianni's new iPod Touch that he got in NYC for 2 days now... using the internet even though it's way more tedious and slow than the laptop sitting right next to me.