Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I am so white

"I'm more authentic, I'm more carbon-neutral."

Returning from Europe, I was eager to get back in touch with my online self. While away, I didn't have a phone, and with the euro kicking ass, I was too broke to spend any real time staying too connected over the internet. After surviving a recent car robbery, I replaced my Apple computer and have spent countless hours scouring the internet since back in Eugene. While visiting the NPR homepage, I came across a featured article titled Poking Fun at the 'Stuff White People Like', a subject introduced by author Christian Lander. I downloaded podcast and got to listening, and I can't get over how funny, how true, and how eye-opening it is. Christian and his friend Myles got to joking around one day about all the things white people seem to have in common. Here I am a white journalism major, envying my friends who worked unpaid internships this summer, even though I had a fully paid two-month tour of Europe. I totally relate, but for those white folks who don't, it is a nice eye-opener and a good conversation starter- people don't like to be lumped into general stereotypes (hmmm, who knew?). I, however, fit right into the things white people like. So is this a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe yes, maybe no, but the blog and podcast have helped me to step outside of my own demographic (and will serve as a great reminder when trying to analyze other demographics), which can be really, really hard to do here in the Northwest. No matter how diverse we think Portland is... common'! I recommend checking out the new book, I know I will.

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kimkaralekas said...

I think everyone should be required to spend time abroad prior to graduation (study, travel, etc.) I can for sure say that I learned more in the six months away from the University than the four years I've been here for school...