Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Week in New York Feels Like a Month in Oregon.

Upon returning from NYC, a few core take aways and an opportunity to recap. After spending 8 days networking, touring agencies, listening, taking notes, and having a great time, here is what I learned:

So you want to work in an ad agency?

Art + Advertising:
Art solves your own problems. Advertising solves everyone else’s problems.
There is an idea. Advertising just feeds it.

Take risks.

The Right Agency:

Find an agency where the people come first. If the people come first, the work won’t have to, because it will reflect the people.
Interviews are two-sided.
A good agency will make you shine.
Partnership: It is like being in a relationship, you get out of it what you put in.
Don’t hold each other back.
Take risks.

The Competition:
Everyone wants to be the best.
“No matter how good you think you are, there will always be someone better than you and that should inspire you” -Kevin Roddy

Better raise your game- BBH

Take any and every brief you can.

“The client might suck. It is like fake butter.”

Your competition is not your enemy. Have enough humility to befriend and learn from these people.

Take risks.

The Brand-Client Relationship:

Kevin Proudfoot-
Find ways to let them know you are thinking about them and putting their needs first. Make them feel like you are talking directly to them- it’s the little things that count. Enable and encourage them to be themselves. Avoid schizophrenia. Encourage the other person to participate and be a part in communication and fun.
Take Risks.
Jerry Della Femina- No body knows anything about anything. Get lucky, the best things happen by mistake. Convince others that everyone else is already enjoying it. It’s nice to ask for permissions, but sometimes you just have to do it. No time to think, sometimes you just have to do it. We’re inventing as we go along. Freedom is just another way to say you have nothing to lose. Don’t allow your mind to grow old, accept change. Listen to children. All we have is experience from our pasts, children have their visions.
Take risks.

Your Responsibility:
Participate. Do everything. Talk to everyone. Listen. Always put your work up. Anything and everything, it all goes up. Keep the old, that is what you learn from, and just add the new, that is where it is all going. Don’t expect someone to hold your hand. Work hard. Work harder than everyone else. There are very few good people in advertising. Be one of them, surround yourself with them. Take pictures, find content, make content, let inspiration in. Be a good person. Don’t be an asshole.
Take risks.

So you want to hang out with your friends for 8 days straight?

Be chill. Be nice. Don’t be an asshole. Get over your pride. Take pride in others. Understand that people will be cranky around day 6 or 7, some even a little earlier. It is not a true reflection of who they are. More like a mirage in the desert- you can’t believe it, even if you want to. You are with good people, relax. Don’t rely on the group, but do support the group. Get to know new people. This is an amazing opportunity. Take opportunities, and don’t rely on others. You are responsible for taking chances and making connections. If you want something, you have to go get it. Meet new people. Interact as a whole, but don’t forget to think for yourself. Meet new people.
Take risks.

How did things go for me?
I learned more this week than in an entire term. I made connections with other students from other schools, and created friendships. I was blown away by Droga 5, so I went back. I spoke to Scott Ginsberg. A 15 minute meeting turned into a little over an hour, and I really enjoyed the conversation. Found clarity. Observed!!!! Experienced, A LOT. Got lost in Long Island. Found my way home. Got to know people a lot better. Was so impressed by my peers. Took risks.

PS. Brian Collins is a genius.

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